Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WPP Group

Client: Fevicol Adhesive
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

This ad doesn't show the product or the use of the product. Basically, its up to a rational person to figure out that a Fevicol Adhesive is a product that will glue things together, no matter the needed capacity. Interesting idea. I've never heard of this product but it looks like its used somewhere in the middle east or africa. I like the music they selected for the ad. It just gives the ad a final touch somehow.

Client: Sears
Agency: Y&R

At first I thought it was the evolution of bugs or plants in a forest. I like the calming nature of this ad. It's like its a whole new way to look at nature. It looks a bit futuristic in a sense that it looks robotic, and animated. I think it's creative in the way they incorporated tools and products that are used to keep a backyard looking sharp. Neat idea.

Client: Knorr
Agency: JWT Argentina

This ad totally connects with the latin target market. The central message is that "every meal is an opportunity." The kids in this ad basically point out a benefit of talking with their families at dinner. The first kid says "I can learn to speak better" another girl says "I can tell my mom about my boyfriend". Basically this ad revolves around the family which is the main core value in latin american countries. If this ad was aired in America on Spanish channels it would benefit Knorr. My mom uses Knorr but honestly, I don't think its because of the commercials, but simply because it is a good product.

Client: T Booth
Agency: Grey CANADA

I like this commercial because they advertising the simplicity of the product by using an elderly women. I think some people could be offended because it's sterotyping the elderly with dementia. This ad is a little hard to understand and even the one that is official on the Web site. It sounds like jibberish during most of the time. I also don't like the obvious turns at the end of the ad. I know the old lady is about to cross the street, but she's old, she can't turn her head so fast. I still like the ad.

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