Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Large Independents

1. Dentsu

Agency: Dentsu Argentina
Client:Banco Itaú - Carteles

Signs above the people state something about them.
Pilot-"I used to be afraid of heights."
Guy with the elderly lady-"My granny taught me to walk"
Two guys-"This is my best friend" with the arrow pointing at each other
Pool-"I can swim underwater for 2 1/2 minutes without air"
Lady Helping-"I have 3 brothers"
Teacher-"My mom raised 8 kids"

"When you are proud of something you want everyone to know, that is what we do, we are proud to be your bank"

Critic: It intersting to me that commercials in Spanish have English music. I like the flow of the commercial and the signs are made to have the "homemade" type look, which seems to be the point; that each person made their sign so they could carry around a message they are proud of.

2. Weiden + Kennedy

Agency: Weiden + Kennedy
Client: Lurpak

Critic: This campaign launched this year, the story goes that Lurpak wasn't so hot in the butter isle, so Weiden + Kennedy decided to launch a campaign that sent out the message to 'respect your food', to 'give it the best' attitude. I think this commercial does make the mushrooms mouthwatering (i am a mushroom fan), and it adds anticipation, when you don't actually see the guy at the end put the mushroom in his mouth, kinda leaves you wondering about the taste he is about to indulge on, all because of this Lurpak butter they speak of, definitely not the typical butter add.

3. Bartle Bogle Hergarty

Agency: Neogama/BBH São Paulo
Client: Renault

Need a bigger car? Get a renault. The song says not to suffer, that you need to breathe, you are too tight in your car. The commercial show the car just like any other car ad, but I like the way they make their point; that you need a bigger car. I also liked that they used people of different racial backgrounds, at least thats what it looked like. I guess Brazil is diverse.

4. Richard's Group

Agency: The Richards Group
Client: Hyundai

So these Pilobulous people are a Connecticut-based company of choreographers and dancer-athletes. They seem to have done other ads througout

5. Cramer Krasselt

Client: Steve Madden
Agency: Cramer Krasselt

Ever since I was in middle school I have seen these ads in seventeen and cosmo girl. I always thought they looked a big creepy with such the distortion. I don't even understand the style of the ad. Yea, its about the brand and the shoes, but the way they portray the young girl is not necessarily helping the cause for more responsible advertising. I guess all these years C K has been doing these ads. And I still see them around, there are so many kids of these. It's a style that steve madden is known for. I could describe this ad without naming the brand and I'm sure any girl plugged in to fashion could tell who advertises like this. Honeslty, I don't like these ads.

6. Doner

Client: Bellwood Health Services
Agency: Doner Canada, Toronto, Canada

The art direction is done very well. Again, like other images, there is nothing like zooming in to a quality image so that you can appreciate the detail. There is a 3rd one part of the series with a man smoking a rolled up deck of card, it just looked silly.
The all read "Gambling, its just as addictive" I think this is an excellent print ad for Bellwood. Sends it's message to those whose eyes comes across this ad.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Client: Tyson
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

The print is very simple, you get the point looking at the ad and seeing the brand. Any rational mother would understand that this literally would not happen by feeding their family Tyson. I like this ad because it's simple, besides the obvious exaggeration I think it does a clear job of delivering the message.


Client: Chivas
Agency: Euro RSCG

I think this is an inspirational beer commercial. Most beer commercials show the an icy cold bottle with droplets of water running down, but this one is different. I like that they really aimed at their target market in a good way. It's got action but the kinds that gets your attention. It is inspiring, I like this one because it gives the brand a personality.

Client: Coldwell Banker
Agency: Mckinney Durham USA

Connection! This ad links the message to the viewers. "More than the house, its the home inside" What a message that any family can associate with. It's a simple visual, just front views of so many different types of houses. So they want to let you know that Coldwell can help you make any house your home by using their services. I really like their tag line at the end. It's a commercial about branding Coldwell and connecting with the audience.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Publicis Groupe

Client: Asian Film Festival/ ORANGE
Agency:Publicis Conseil, France

I don't think I've ever seen someone eat popcorn with chopsticks, cool way to tie in the message. Asian=chopsticks, Popcorn=movie. Cool way to remember the asian film festival. The art work is really good, the bigger the image, the more details you can see in the advertisement.

Client: Corrado Mattresses
Agency: Saatchi ITALY

I thought that the ad was for a public service announcement on runaway kids or kidnapping, or something like the AMBER alert system. But, I was totally wrong, so did the parent fall asleep while they were writing this message with the cigarettes? That's the only connection that I can make. The art direction is really cool. Supposedly, they used no computers to compose this, so that is the only cool thing about it. To me, cigarettes are disgusting and I just think that the imagery could be used for a completely different type of ad, and could have have worked. As for this one, it is terrible, cigarettes and mattresses, not a good pair. But, I dunno, maybe in Italy it worked.

Client: You guessed it, McDonald's
Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi, India

I remember seeing this for the first time a few months ago, I thought, "What does the mother look like." This looks a little bit creepy, clown child. Everyone knows who Ronald McDonald is so there is no confusing who this child belongs to. Cute way to send the message out that there is a new location. New baby=New location. I see how they thought that would work. Cool idea. I wonder what people in the US would think, they probably would start creating the actual doll. I can just imagine. THe baby looks like there was too much photoshop. They should have paid a mother big dollars to let her child be body painted as the Ronald baby...

Client: Holliday Inn Express
Agency: Fallon Minneapolis

Friends, just stay in at a Holiday Inn Express and you will get smarter somehow. The other one that belongs to this series is a women giving birth, and the baby grabs the scissors and cuts the umbilical cord. She says, we did stay at a Holiday Inn 9 months ago. Honestly the rapping was entertaining for just a brief moment but they don't really show anything great about the hotel. They don't even show the inside of the hotels, or the puffy pillows or the clean sheets you would be sleeping in. But I'll stop complaining, at least it's not the typical cookie cutter ad.

Client: Trojan
Agency; Kaplan Thaler Group

Not everyone is a fan of roller coasters, but what a great way to bring you a message about condoms. I've seen this ad in cosmopolitan, totally fits in that magazine. I wonder if it goes along with a series. I know that the ad is supposed to look sort of like a fantasy, but it just doesn't look realistic, then again, a roller coaster shaped like is not real anyway. Short and simple copy, easy to understand. I like this ad because both men and women understand the idea. Go trojan!

Client: Boost Mobile
Agency: Team One Advertising

I found another ad with the elderly gone wild. I wonder how much they pay the actors in these ads! I can't believe these old people, they just look hilarious. I am not really a Boost Mobile fan but I know that they do go for young people. It's more expensive that other big companies like AT&T and Sprint. The real ad is in very good quality, and the women knows her script, but she was definitely trying too hard. An ad that would entertain a teenager for sure.


Client: Samilia Foundation
Agency: McCann-Erickson Belgium

I've never seen anything like this. I'm not really sure what they mean by "some people are really attached to their jobs" I know this is an awareness campaign, not really promoting a product or service. Is it the illegal transportation of people into other countries, I believe that's what it is. It looks realistic. The one with the legs is just painful to imagine. I'm not really sure how to tie it in to the message.

Client: Hanes
Agency: The Martin Agency

Any girl/woman that watches this ad can totally relate, c'mon ladies don't lie, you know you've been in a situation like this sometime in your life. I'm not sure a boy in boxers would understand. It's not an artistic ad, it gets to the point and the message is easy to understand. A bit of exaggeration, but it works for this product.

Agency: TM Advertising

Love it! I like it when ads are displayed in an unconventional way. I also love the one where the paint is spilling over the parking lot. I like this it's right in your face. I can just imagine people taking pictures on these stairs. Advertisers: Do Not Be Afraid to work with your surroundings! This seems like no place for a billboard so a cool scenery was basically painted right in! Point=made!

Client: Chilean Corporation Against Cancer

I have mixed feelings about this ad. It's nothing like the truth campaigns. This is an ad to shock you as it conveys the message. A person posted a comment about this ad saying that the child didn't have to be crying. He could have just stood there under the bag of smoke. I like the visual but it has to be large enough for you to be able to tell. When the image was small I thought it was a bad case of photoshop that tried to illustrate a plastic bag. When I enlarged it and read the copy I realized what it was. There is another ad with a different child. Looks almost the same. I wish that smokers could wake up from their stupidity...

Client: Scotch Brite
Agency: Lowe Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

There is a small series on this but this one is the best one. I didn't know that they had this brand or product in Africa, yes Egypt is in Africa) Then again its 3M, they are pretty big. "Rough to clean" for the green guy, and "soft to dry" for the girl. Cool visual. You have to be able to zoom in to see the detail. The guy is the rough side of the sponge and the yellow part is the regular spongy side. I can actually say it's a cute idea. People that do dishes get it, others don't.

Client: Rapala Fishing Equipment
Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA

Like I said before, I am a fan of billboards. Copy: one word, Visual: easy to understand. People get the point. Of course if you want to be over analytical you will say well I don't want to go fishing for cats, I want to fish for bigger fish! And of course people who go fishing will get the dang point. The cats are too funny. Another cool thing is that "Over a few weeks more and more cats appeared around the billboard." so apparently, the kept adding more furry, or plastic friends on the billboard. I'm sure this was an eye catcher!

Client: MLK Dream Weekend
Agency: Erwin-Penland, a Hill Holliday Agency, Greenville, USA

Both of these belong to the same series. The billboard and the print ad are so simple. The message is awesome but it's not delivered in a very artistic way. These ads are not about art of course, but the print ad does look very generic. The only reason I read the copy was because I was looking for a Hill Holliday ad, not because it caught my attention.

Client: TGI Friday's
Agency: Deutsch LA

First, I apologize about the quality but it's the only one I could find. I feel like this has been done before, the awkward laughing that just it not bueno! But, I must say this actually works for this, in my opinion it's pretty funny. So the entree is $10, and the commercial is 2 years old. Now, every TGIF commercial I've seen recently is for cheaper and cheaper prices. A week ago I saw one for $5 sandwiches and salads. I wonder if Deutsch is still doing their ads. Mmm, TGIF, one of my favorites! Most restaurant commercials do show the sizzling food on the grill, not original, but it does make your mouth water. This one works.

Client: Ad Council
Agency; Mullen

The actors for this spot are awesome. I really like the way they explain that buzzed driving is drunk driving! Of course it is! Would you drive around your new born baby buzzed? No! Why, cause you are drunk driving! I wish everyone could see this ad. It might make people think just a little. Who knows, sometimes ads do have the power to change people.

Client: Susan G. Komen
Agency: Campbell Mithun

This ad reads "They can't fight for themselves".
There is another image that goes along with this campaign, it reads "They can't speak for themselves" and image is two megaphones in front of the breast. I wish women all over the world could see this and understand this message. It's true. Breast will be healthy is a women decides to take care of them. I like the visual, easy to understand with the copy. Good.

Client: Albertson's Grocery
Agency: Dailey & Associates

A grocery store commercial that does not show it's competive prices, or the fresh fruits and veggies it restocks everyday. Finally a grocery store commercial that is not in the cookie cutter formula. I can see that this may be offensive to some people which would not be good. It's a funny commercial, though it doesn't necessarily make me want to shop there. It's not brilliant but it's okay.