Friday, May 2, 2008

Nancy Hamon

I knew that we had a library at SMU named after her, I just pretty much thought she was a lady that donted tons and tons of money to our school. This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of find out who Mrs. Hamon is and all the great things shes done in our city. I volunteered for Meadows at the Meyerson, I got to listen to the SMU orchestra, the are absolutely amazing. Everything preformed that night was in her honor. Meadows raised over $600,000. I would say that is a pretty hefty amount to money. In the program is said that Mrs. Hamon has been a donor for numerous arts related facilities and events. She is one of the people in Dallas that has done many things to honor the arts. Supposingly her husband was a big oil guy back in the day. So pretty much she has distributed her fortune all over Dallas to help keep running art places and facilties. I think its really cool all that she has done. She could have kept all her millions and millions to herself but she decided to spend it here in Dallas to devolop new entities for the performing arts. I'm glad that the city of Dallas and SMU have benefitted from her generousity.

axe has got him

He is only 14 but I'm sure he is loyal customer for life. I'm talking about my brother who buys axe and wears it everyday. He likes the commercials and will buy the new products when they come out. It's pretty interesting to talk to him about commericals and whether they make him want to buy certain things. Sometimes he says although the commerical was funny it really didn't make him want to buy the product. I asked him why he buys and axe and his reply was simple. because its cool. So apparently that the most important point the product that has given him is that axe is cool. One of the things I noticed is that he likes the packaging. I think thats a really big factor as well. Its interesting also how the commercials have young adults around 18 and maybe to 22, and my brother who is 14, is a segment in their target market. I'm postitive he will buy axe for years to come.

children believe

I babysit for a 5 year old little boy. By far is the smartest kid I know. One night I was giving him and his sister dinner and I we were talking about school. I told him that he was really smart after he gave me some random facts about something. He then replied that he was the smartest student in his class. I asked him how did he know that. He said that his mom told him. I just think that its really amazing how a young child will really believe what his parents tell him. I think during this age its really important to build confidence in a child, although really young he understands everthing you tell him and he believes you. He believes he is the smartest kid in his class because his mom told him, and I actually don't doubt that he is. Children need to be encouraged, loved, protected and nurtured to be able to grow into a normal human being.

the next computer I'm getting...

I see everyone at school with their cool apple computers and I wonder what the heck was I thinking when I bought an HP for the second time. This laptop ways what newborn twins weigh together. Apples are so slick, and I just love the software. Especially now that I've learned how to use it. Its also so much more appealing, it just looks prettier. I might pass the laptop on to my little brother after I save up for an Apple. I'll have the check the piggy bank to see when I can get a new laptop, and maybe I'll just have to wait for next semester for my cool new computer.

terrible brainwash

Those are pretty much the only words that I can use to describe the people and children that have gone through polygamous families and livestyles. There is no one in the world that deserves that awful seclusion from the world into a life of multiple mothers/wifes or whatever those ladies are to be. The children are probably going to be the ones traumatized from the horrible situtation their parents have created for them. I just don't understand in what righteous mind would it be okay to have multiple wifes and children from a variety of women. Its absolutely inhuman that girls fourteent to seventeen are already having children. I don't even think their body have finished developing when theses horrible men take them as their wifes. I see how those men think its okay. I see how those women thinks its okay, and that because they grew up like that. The know no other way to be and that is how their closed society forces them to . Its just terrible and I hope they bust every community that condones that lifestyle.

saying I'm sorry

Some really don't know how to say I'm sorry. It seems to some that its the most diffcult phrase anyone could ever pronounce. But in all reality its something everyone should know how to do. When someone makes a mistake and they know it and avoid apologizing and instead go about their way without making a sincere sorry it causes a lot more problems. There are times when I have had problems with people and the simple fact that they made the effort to apologize, it all worked out in the end. I'm not saying an I'm sorry fixes everything or that it could just save someone all the time from their mistakes, its just that a sincere attempt to amend a mistake is taken more seriously when those simple words are said. Pride, I believe stands in the way of people being able to say I'm sorry. Some think its really unecessary, and just wouldn't do much of anything. But, I'm words of advice, say I'm sorry and mean it.

j'aime le francais

French is such a cool language. I took it for 4 years, and I wish I would have stuck with it. I'm already bilingual and French is just a mixture of both. I want to take French at a community college so that I can just enjoy it, without it affecting my GPA. Its not that I'm doubting my ability to learn and get good grades, but now that I think about it maybe I'll do that for the summer. I think these plans have potential to develop and actually happen. After I learn perfect French I am going to learn Italian. I know it will come handy when I'm able to travel to Europe. I can read French and understand a lot. My comprehension is good, my pronounciation is good, at least thats what my teacher said, and other people that speak French who have heard me speak. Anyway, I'm definitely going to look into taking French again, during this summer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Flossing is so important! There have been studies that link the lack of flossing with heart disease. Everyday when you eat, bacteria slowly accumulates between then gums. It causes bad breath, gum disease, and apparently heart disease as well. Flossing pushes out the bacteria so that it doesn't just stay there and build up. The bacteria between your gums begins to eat away at the bone, and deteriorates the gum line, receding of the gum then begins to show. What is the remedy to gum disease? A deep clean like vacuuming under the couch. First a periodonist will have to give you shots to numb your face, well not entirely, just the area he or she would be working in, them uses a vibrating needle to clean clean away. Gum disease is not pleasant because if your gums really recede then, when you get older, your teeth fall out. So the simple thing is to floss everyday, preferable at night. Personally, I think its disgusting to not floss everyday. All that bacteria making a nice little home in your mouth, eww! So remember to floss everday! It could save your teeth, and lots of money in the long run.


Immigration a hot topic that many people disagree about. I think that many people who do not have anyone close to them that has come into the United States from another country would not have the same position on the issue to that of a person who does. Some may agree with my opinion while others may think I'm just completely wrong. First I want to mention that I believe it is wrong to come into this country without legalization. I think people should do things lawfully. Second, I want to note that I understand those people who enter this country in an illegatl way. I would stand by the fact that most people want to come to this country to work and make a decent living, either to support their family here or back in their home country. The opportunities that are offered in America are far better than those offered in other countries. To go back to the issue of entering the country, legalization takes about 7 years, most people don't know that. Its easy to say, well why don't they just wait until they get their green card to come into this country, but some people, are in extreme poverty they rather risk their lifes crossing the border illegally. Also, I strongly disagree with the fact that immigrants take jobs away from Americans. Personally I think that is just a bunch of crap. If you look to see who is doing yard work, housekeeping, and other low wage jobs, its mostly Hispanic, and if you don't see that, then I don't know what country you live in. If an American want to go do yard work, or get paid minimum wage, trust me, there is no one stopping them. Immigrants help this country by taking the jobs that Americans don't want. And I believe their are vital to our economy. If only it was easier for them to get a work permit, them we wouldn't have so many illegals.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

summer plans

I can't wait till summer. I am going to catch up on my sleep, swim, read, watch movies, and relax, I've just been so deprived this semester of doing the things I like to do. For example sleeping. When I was younger I would dislike it so much when my dad would force me to go to bed. Back then I did not know that one day I would be countin down the days until I would be able to get a full night's rest. Anyways, back to summer plans. I hope I have an opportunity to go to Mexico. I really want to do some photography there. Mexico has so many beautiful places the scenery is great. I also really want to go to the beach. I want to get the perfect internship, but that doesn't look so hot right now. I haven't heard from Dieste Harmel & Partners. So pretty much my summer is floating up in the air. Planes could change at any given time. But I actually sort of like that. Maybe because I'm just so worn out.

everyone needs a best friend

I don't care if you're a girl or a guy, but I strongly believe everyone needs a best friend to confide in, ask for advice, or simply be able to talk about anything. My best friend is an awesome named Giovanni. He can make me smile any time I'm feeling down. Always there to talk to me and support me through anything. Right now, I think I really need to be there for him. His mom is going through chemo, and I think he is being so strong keeping his family together. His dad and sister work a lot and he also works full time. Its really admirable how he can do everything that he does. I thank God everday for giving me this best friend and letting me share my ups and downs with such an amazing person.

transferring to SMU

Transferring to SMU was definitely a lot harder than anyone could possibly imagine. Okay, yes there are advisers that try to help, and well, they do a good job. But its harder to get acclimated with the way the social aspect of SMU is like. I think freshment year all the organizations try to pull you in and recruit, but if you are a transfer student its like no one even cares about you. You go to Corral and its just a bunch of freshmen, I'm not bashing, I'm just trying to mention that students like to meet people their own age, or at least people that have decided their major. So anyways with Omega of Texas I hope to change some of that. O of TX is an alumni association of Phi Theta Kappa, a junior college honor society. O of TX is supposed to help students make the transitionan a little be easier and also help recruit more transfer students. Good plan I think.

lending a library card, the reprecussions

I got a letter from a collecting company that says I owe $43 of library fines. How pleasant don't ya think? Well it was all thanks to my lovely little brother who I happen to have taken to the library about 3 months ago because he was working on a project for school. I offered to help him find some books and then take him back home so he could finish. But how does he repay this lovely favor of mine? By not turning in the book when we returned all the other ones. So I was thinking what I could make him do for the money. Because of course he doesn't have any right now. Maybe I'll make him wash my car, or do my laundry, or do the dishes everytime I'm supposed to. I dunno. It should be interesting.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Divorce seems to be a trend that increases each and everyday. I have thought about why people take this route and I have a couple ideas that seem just obvious, but if people took them into consideration, they might avoid an unpleasant battle. For my age group, I think people should avoid marriage first of all. I'm not saying avoid commitment, I'm saying do not marry at this time. People under 21, well, it shouldn't even cross your mind! You can't even buy the champagne for your own wedding for goodness sake! As a college student your priorities should be to finish your education so that you can support yourself without depending on mommy and daddy. People should have a savings account and retirement fund, be able to manage their finances and hold themselves accountable for every economical decision they make. Also people should try to have the best communication, if there is a problem, people should talk it out. Its terrible when people bottle it up inside and them eventually destroys a family or couple. Also, if people have problems and they can not figure them out by themselves, the counseling should be take into consideration. They should seek someone that would be able to help them speak out, talk out their problems, and learn how to communicate efficiently.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the sound of rain

I really enjoy the sound of rain, even of the thunder and wind. Its relaxing in a strange way. Especially when I'm just at home and don't even have to go outdoors. I feel safe and relaxed. My boyfriend's dog starts to shake uncontrollably when its thundering. Its just so sad to see a poor little dog shake in a way that they look like they are about to fall apart at any moment. Anyways, back to why I love rain. I like it during the spring because everything turns an incredible shade of green. I think everyone should stop and enjoy the sound of rain and be thankful, because its not everywhere in the world that there is plenty of water resources available.


I had never heard of Blackle until I was at the library studying with a friend. She pulled up this weird website. The screen was all black and it was eye catching. The theory is that if everyone uses blackle as their search engine when they will be saving energy. Supposingly, the black screen will not use up as much energy as a bright white screen would. Blackle belongs to Google. I actually think its a pretty cool idea and the whole energy saving thing might be true. According to their site, the theory was proposed January of 2007, it's been well over a year and I would have thouught that more people would have heard about it. So it seems Google has started this new trend and I think it has great potential. It would be really interesting to see if other websites create their own energy saving homepages.
So if you have a chance check it out..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the world of retail

such a interesting topic, well it depends really. I've worked in retail for more than 3 years and its brought much distress and joy. Man, how people can be inconsiderate sometimes. They think you can pull a size out instantaneously, or should give them a discount because we may not have a certain item. I actually like working with the people I work with. And I like meeting people from all over the world. The shopping mall I work at gets a lot of tourists and famous people. I've learned so much over the years about interacting with people, customer service and other stuff. Its a great part time job and I love the discount. Of course I won't be there forever, but at least through college, so I can pay for some of my own things instead of asking mom and dad 24/7.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the unknown life cycle

My uncle was only 35, out of the 10 children my grandmother had he was 2ND to the youngest. I still can't believe just died a couple of days ago. He left behind 2 young kids, a boy of 13, a girl of 14, who was going to celebrate her quinceanera (fifteenth birthday) in August. The family was looking forward to a great big party. Unfortunately her dad, didn't make it. I not really sure how meningitis kills someone. Basically, I understand only that it attacks the brain, and begins to shut everything down. My grandmother fell into a depression almost instantanously after finding out, my grandfather too, showed lots of pain. My uncle use to live in Dallas. He actually lived here for about 2 years and was very close to our family. I'm sad that my dad wasn't able to travel to Mexico to be with his family during this terrible time. For some reason her couldn't find his passport, and without that he would not be allowed to board the plane and return home to Dallas.

I just think it doesn't matter how old someone is, everyone should appreciate life everyday. Each and everyda that goes by, because you never know when it will be your last time to be thankful for your blessings, and let those around you, know that you love them.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

West Side Story & The GAP

The Gap did a commercial some years ago advertising colorful cropped denim. The did a dance number where they acted out a song from West Side Story. This was one of the commericals that came to my mind when we were asked to blog about intertextuality and identify either a horizontal or vertical characteristic. This one I think, is pretty simple to understand. West Side Story has been around since the late 1950's. It was a hit movie and its been popular ever since. If you are American you've probably heard of this musical. I think the Gap did a really good job linking everything. The scenery was the same, the clothes very similar. Fashions alway returns and by what better way to show than to show a blast from the past. The ad used a movie to connect a new trend The Gap was launching to the market. For this commerical the genre the connected was a movie and really nothing else. I think it was pretty cool to see a new version. The video I found on youtube is a little blurry and not so good quality as when it first aired.

AT & T & everything else

To my knowledge At & T was first a telephone company. Then made its directory book. Then internet. Then was cable. Then was cell-phone. Okay, well I don't know exactly what order these things were developed or implemented as a service at AT & T. What I think will happen is that since they already have so much power over communication and media that perhaps they will create their own magazine or newspaper to continue to take over as much as they can. I just think its annoying to see so many companies merging and becoming one, buying out, or selling to a bigger company. I know its a good thing that companies get bigger and make more money because that is good for the economy, but it just looks like they become too powerful. AT & T has so much control, they are huge! If AT & T was shut down for a day that would cause economic catastrophe. Millions of people wouldn't be able to communicate. Already with that blackberry disruption of service a couple weeks ago, really angered thousands of people. Basically, I just think that companies should try to take over everything that they possibly can, but that's probably only going to happen in a perfect world...oh it doesn't exsist.

Yesterday I went to the O'Neil lecture. The guest speaker was Allan Sloan who is a business journalist. The topic was whether journalism was dying. I agreed with a lot of the things he said, and it was actually interesting to hear someone talk about their career of 40 years. One thing he mentioned was that perhaps newspaper subscriptions would keep declining and maybe in the future it would be mostly online format. I agree with that because the internet is part of a lot of people's lives. Especially recent generations. Its so convienient to just look things up online. I usually read what Yahoo's top news are and just because they are top news there doesn't really mean they have the most news value to me, I just read them because they are on the cover. Mr. Sloan also mentioned that recently The New York Times stopped charging for the online edition and that now everyone can access it. I think that in the future online news will have subscriptions. Perhaps in the future your computer will turn on automatically and be programmed for ones interest that it will display news that matter to that individual. Basically I think that news will continue to evolve in the way that they are delivered to us and be customized to what interests we have. I think this will also affect advertising because now it will be more specific target segments of the market.

Everyone should wash their hands as often as possible, before eating, touching a baby, taking your contacts off, etcs. Okay, I'm not a germaphobic, I just like to feel that my hands are clean so I carry with me hand sanitizer in my bag and in my car. I think that because its alcohol base, somehow it kills germs. Of course I don't think that hand sanitizer replaces a good old scrub of soap and water, but sometimes it will do just fine. But how effective is hand sanitizer really? I looked on the governments web page Center for Disease Control and Prevention and this is what I found some interesting things. According to many studies done across the country, hand sanitizer has proven to kill bacteria. Although it may not be 99.9%, it is still very safe to substitute sanitizing gel for soap and water when needed. They also recommended using sanitizers with 60% or more alcohol base because they are more effective. I think that it is great that there is hand sanitizer all over campus and I think that there should be hand sanitizer in even more places other than schools. I think the Dart Train should install some pumps inside and grocery stores should have hand sanitizer close to the fruits and vegetables isles. I think it was a great invention who ever invented hand sanitizer, I am a fan, of course there is nothing like soap and water and a good clean scrub.


....we live we love we forgive and never give up cause today we are given a gift from above and today we remember to live and to love....

One of my favorite songs titled We Live We Love by Superchick. In the song the talk about a man who waits for his medical test to see if the cancer has spread yet. Then he asks himself why did he wait to live till it was time to die. I think that some people when they approach death wish they would have done things differently in life. I think that some people don't value life like they should. We have one life on this earth, only one, and there is so many careless, reckless and hurtful people in the world. I believe that there is a heaven and there is hell, the way that our world is I have to believe there is something better. I don't want to let the years go by without doing things that I want to do. One of my biggest dreams was to come to SMU and I'm living it now. I value my education. I value my family and friends, what could be more important on this earth than them? I also think that there is a lot of people that live mediocre lives. If everyone did their best at the things they were best at our society and world as a whole would be so much different. There are people or all ages and all cultures that press forward with the best that they have, that; is a waste of life.

The Lofts at SMU opening in 2010

If you take a look around Dallas you will surely see new high-rise apartments, lofts, and luxury townhomes being built. I think that SMU should follow in the those steps and tear down all the old apartments and just build some cool new lofts. If I was in charge of the development plans this what I would do. First I would tear down all the old apartments like I mentioned before. I would construct a new building 20 stories tall. I would have 12 lofts on each floor. I wouldn't add a fitness center or pool since we already have those amenities on campus. Pets would be allowed but smoking would only be permitted outside. Although technically lofts should be one room,I would make most lofts two bedroom and two baths. I would have a lot of stainless steel in the kitchens and install energy saving refrigerators. I love big windows that let light in. That would be a main feature at The Lofts at SMU. I think it would be a great idea to try to keep students as close to campus as possible. Anyway, there really aren't any plans to build lofts at SMU as far as I know.


Sleep...I need more sleep. I think anyone can say that. For me, getting up at 5:00am Tue, Wed and Thurs has really messed up my sleeping schedule and eating habits. I rise and shine early in the morning so that I can be at the Daily Update from 6:00am to 8:00am. I don't understand how some people can function with 4 hours of sleep. Some students at the DU come in saying "Man, I only got 4 hours of sleep" or less. I really want to make an effort to go to bed earlier or perhaps take a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day to somewhat catch up on some sleeping hours. Its also so wierd to me that some people are more awake and alert during evening and late hours. That is not the case for me. If it was up to me I would probably go to bed at 10 and get up at 6 every morning. That would be 8 hours of sleep. Perfect. If I get more than that I feel even more tired. I think its so rude when people fall asleep in class. I've been in a room before where the student started snoring, I'm sure its embarrasing for them but its more disrespectful for the everyone else. I think its really admirable that some people work owl hours or get up at 4 am to be on a morning show, put on a happy face for the camera, and look good doing it. There is also so many nurses and doctors and police officers and post men and other service jobs that are needed around the clock.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Pennies = 80 Million Dollars

I've always heard that it cost about 2 cents to make 1 cent. I was watching a news video online that was titled 'Making Cents'. They said that the government spends about 135 million dollars to make 80 million dollars. I know the math doesn't add up assuming that 2 cents=1 cent, but anyway, I just want to say that Abe should retire and pennies should be taken out of circulation. I actually keep all my change in a jar and then go to the bank and get bills. Some people don't care about their change, this is money falling between the cracks of your couch, getting stuck under your car seat, or just getting lost. If we stop using pennies then the government could save about 60 million dollars and use it for something more productive. Now, doesn't that make more sense? I've even seen people throw away their pennies, to some people they are worthless. I just think its silly that it cost more money to make than what the face value is. Congress should stop circulating pennies, let every American in the world go to the bank and exchange them for bills, then proceed to rounding every price tag in the country to the nearest five cents. I know it would be a very complicated process.

Doomsday Artic Seed Vault

Never have I heard about any vault containing seeds in case of emergency. I thought that was just in movies, I remember one about a spaceship that carried DNA of all animals that had ever exsisted on Earth. This spaceship then got to a different planet where life would begin again. In an ABC video they showed such seed vault that contains millions of seeds from around the world. They explain that in case of a catastrophe, nulcear destruction, or extinction, this vault will safeguard these seeds. Norway was chosen because of the constant cold temperature and the distance that it is based on previous wars. I searched online about this vault and many results came up, even articles written over two years ago. I think its actually pretty scary to think that our Earth has power to destroy itself 10 times. I agree its a good idea to store seeds, even DNA like in that spaceship movie. However, if the Earth ever needed these seeds to reproduce plants again, humans are assuming that humanity still would exist even after mass destruction of vegetation. There is also another vault in Sussex England, and I know there is more around the world. I think it will be interesting to see these vaults pop up all over the world in the next decade.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Louis Vuitton Commerical

I found this Louis Vuitton commercial supposingly made by Ogilvy & Mather. Somewhere in the article I read it said this was the first tv spot for LV and that it was launched Feb.15th. I've never seen an LV commercial other than print. I think it was actually a really good ad. I like the message about a person's journey. But the whole time I was expecting to see at least one suitcase. I don't understand any other reason why LV would fit into a journey. Some people that they showed in would never purchase an LV item, such as the painter on the side of the rode or the smiling old Asian man. This commerical could advertise any product and its meaning wouldn't change, obviously except for the product. There are some instances where the ad became a bit fuzy, there are some scenes I couldn't really tie in with the message. Sometimes a certain frame was unrecognizable (is that a word?). I think the ad was really calming to watch, it was in a way motivational. I liked the ad, loved the whole thing about a journey, liked the tone, its peace and flow.

The Toyota Touch, Literally.

This Toyota commercial is actually pretty creepy. They don't show any characteristics and actually alter much of a the simple things a car has. I don't think this commercial makes people want to buy this vehicle, it was pretty interesting to watch, made my 13 year old brother laugh. I tried to pause the video and on the part where it was parking, and if I'm correct its a silver smartcar. The guy in the video also must have been driving for a long time before he got to his destination because he the showed the light features at the end. I don't even know what culture their aiming this commercial at. The statement at the end is in English, and I know the car is imported from Japan, and everyone in the ad seemed Asian. The driver really had a hands on experience!

Smartcar Crash

I really like the smartcar but after I saw this video all I can hear in the background is my dad saying it not big enough of a car to protect from a collision. I don't think I would get this car after seeing this video. If the dummies can out with broken everything, can you imagine what a human's body would be left like after the an accident. I saw other videos after I saw this one, but this one was probably the worst. Like that famous saying, one should expect the worst but hope for the best. I can relate that to a car collision because sometimes is completely out of one's reach or control. If you have a bigger car to protect you from the impact, its probably a safer way to go. The video is not in English but the images speak for themselves!

Y > ST

I don't think anyone in Dallas has ever heard of Young Street. Its a show hosted by Angelique Tege and Henry Guerrero. This show is targeted to people 18 to maybe late 30's. Angelique and Henry go around Dallas trying new restaurants, clubs, bars, boutiques, music events, and other entertainment destinations. Overall I think the show has a really cool concept. They even have a blog on I see so much potential in this show, but to be honest, I don't see it lasting very long. It has good content but I feel like in needs to be presented with more energy. The host are not bad but they seem to present as reporters and I don't think thats the way it should be. I think the show is a great idea but it needs more umph. It needs to be pumped with energy like I mentioned before. If I was the producer or director I would choose different hosts. I would use a a different layout for their logo. The one above is their current. I like the Y>ST but not the designs they used. Young Street airs on Sundays at 5:00. I think it only last 30 minutes. And last but not least, I want to mention they totally are missing the advertising concept. Perhaps they have never heard of it. I am an avid wfaa watcher, for news and other shows. The only reason I know about Young Street is because I check out their website constantly. I hope that this show can evolve and capture its target market, otherwise its not going to make it into the digital era of television.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Heard of Smartcar yet? By far it is the smallest car I have seen around Dallas. A silver and hot pink one was parked on the SMU campus a couple of weeks ago. I remember seeing people stare at it wondering if it was a joke, or perhaps were just really impressed with its size. I went online to look it up and according to their official website the US is the 37th country to sell this model made by Mercedes Car Group. The price range is from $11,590 to $16,590. Smartcar is 8.8 feet in length and a little over 5.5 feet in height. And a gallon will allow you to travel 40/city and 45/highway. Sounds gas efficient doesn't it? I would love to own one. Why? I just like the way it looks. It looks almost like a big little toy car. I think it would actually fit in a "compact car" space. However, in a car collision I don't think there is much to crash, so can you imagine the inside? My dad has always liked big cars for that reason, he says that there is more body to protect the people inside. So, even though its not an expensive car, he wouldn't get it for me. The picture shows a smart car dispenser in Germany, cool building. I wonder how the get the cars out. Maybe there is an elevator they drive on to and descend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love chicken marsala, pasta primavera, and the classic lasagna. Italian food is my favorite, but why do I hesitate going to an italian restaurant? I love chicken fajitas with rice and beans, tamales and flan. Mexican food is my second favorite. But why do I hesitate when going to a mexican restaurant? It is my parents fault. They are the best cooks around! My dad has been a chef for 20 years specializing in the italian cuisine. And my mother, well she's from Mexico, need I say more? Every time I go to a restaurant I am so critical of the food, always comparing to what my parents make back home. I'll think to myself, my dad adds more chicken than this! Or, my mom's rice has more flavor. I love trying new foods and exploring new restraunts around Dallas. But I always take a bit of time before agreeing to go to a Mexican or Italian place. I don't mean to be so critical, but my tastebuds don't lie.

Obama Rally

It was completely a spur of the moment decision to attend the event today at Reunion Arena. Everyone there was pumped up to see Obama and hear his message for Dallas supporters. I currently have no political stand, sad to say because I am a citizen of this country and I should be more aware of what is going on. I hope that by election time I am well informed and prepared to cast my ballot. Anyway, at the event there was thousands of people lined up outside in the chilly breeze. People of all ages from babies in strollers to senior citizens anticipated their entry to the arena. Once I got inside I scanned the audience and it was a majority of African Americans. It made me think about a comment that I heard the other day on TV. They said that is was perhaps a really difficult time for African American women since they were torn between voting for a women or an African American. I think it is completely ignorant to look at the situation like this. No one should vote for someone based on their race or gender but for the things that they stand. Does this canidate seem to hold your similar values and morals, to me is a more important question. I am very proud to be Hispanic but just because a Hispanic canidate was running that doesn't necissarily mean I would blindly vote on him or her. People have to look at the bigger picture.
Obama talked about uniting our country and I can totally see he shadows Martin Luther King Jr. in the things that he says. Reunion Arena was almost a full house, according to wfaa more than 15,000 attended.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

$2,000 Mansion

A couple weeks ago I decided to drive down Greenville to see where it would lead me. I actually enjoy driving around aimlessly to check out places I've never been before, its a strange hobby. Anyway, I came to Swiss Avenue and it only took a couple secounds to realize that the neighborhood mansions were in historic district called Munger Place. Some of them look like the houses on Home Depot commercials advertising paint for the exterior of houses. Some look like homes in movies from the early 1900's. In the surrounding area the houses get smaller but the characteristics and beauty of these homes don't diminish. There is houses that look like bunglows or have a praire style to them. I looked up theses houses and their market values. Some start at $300,000 and some go way beyond $500,000. When in 1905 they were around $2,000. The great depression almost wipped out this area when homeowners started to turn their houses into apartments. In 1980 over 250 homes became officially a historic district and now is the largest collection of praire-style homes in America. Enough with the history lesson! Well to me theses houses represent a part of Dallas history. Its like a blast from the past just taking a look around this neighborhood. Its really cool to imagine what it was like to live in the early 1900's. These houses represent the wealth of that era. I hope that new homeowners abide by the districs laws and when remodeling and renovating keep style and history those homes are meant to represent.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

simply water

A shower makes me feel fresh! I mean who doesn't? Even after a long day a hot shower before going to bed takes away my tiredness. I'm not really sure what other people's showering patterns are. Some in the morning, some at night, some not daily (ew).
If I take a shower in the morning, it wakes me up. And at night, I sleep like a baby. Sometimes on Sunday morning I'm not considerate and take too long in the shower and leave hardly any hot water for my family (we only have one hot water heater in my house). Then, sometimes, I'm the last one shower and after a few minutes under the hot water, a burst of icy water pours over me. I know that I have taken things in life for granted, water is one of them. I don't ever think "hey this bottled water is actually a luxury, people in other places of the world don't even have tap." In some countries there is a scarcity of potable water, yet here in America we have plenty to water grass between the roads. Clean clear water at the turn of a knob, seems like such a simple thing. But in reality, we are so lucky.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frozen. The Frozen in place video clip was really cool. I'm sure lots of people were confused, others seemed to be ignoring the fact that there was people around them not moving. That actually reminded me of the book Left Behind. Except people didn't dispear from the inside of their clothes. Its like time stopped for them, and actually, standing still is a lot harder than it looks. Another form of art using body movement is a group of people that make really cool formations. They actually performed for the Grammy's or some award show last year. They were also on Oprah not too long ago. Basically they wear skin tight clothes. It is a group of about 10-15 people and the all roll into the scene behind a white curtain. All you can see is their shadow. Then slowly they being to climb on to each other and suddenly the are in a really cool formation. I remember seeing them make a train, Oprah's dog, and letters.

What color do you see when you close your eyes? Do you see dark, black, empty? When I close my eyes I see the color of nothing, thats the best way I can describe it. Sometimes I wonder if there are any more colors other than what we already see. Something more than roygbif. Maybe in another dimension there is others colors that we can't possibly imagine because we have never seen them before. I just think that maybe our color spectrum doesn't hold all the colors of the universe. There has to be more...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still modern in 2038?

okay, so this is the W hotel in Victory Park. It looks beautiful with its bright blue neons and modern luxury design. This hotel has the latest architecture and state of the art design that new and fresh to us, but what about in 30 years?

All the new contrstrution that I've seen around the Dallas area seems to have the same modern accents. Marble floors, stainless steel walls and doors, rectangle windows all different sizes. Just take a look down Knox or Victory Park. New buildings to me all looks like brothers and sisters. Nothing too original has caught my eye. I'm not bashing on the architecture, in fact I think its really cool. But have you ever stop to wonder what you'll think about these buildings in 20-30 years. My question is how long does something modern look modern to your eye? 1 year? 5 years? I dunno, I guess I'll just have to find 30 years.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I was reading an assignment for my ethics of convergent media class when I came across an interesting statement in a case study. The topic was being a minortiy in journalism and either being chosen to do or not do the a certain reporting job. One journalist said that first she was a journalist. Second latina. Well okay, she might see that as her priority, being an ethical journalist. But when she was born, she wasn't born being a journalist. She was born latina. So, I guess I'm just thinking about what I consider myself first. I am Diana, a Mexican American girl. I am latina first. If you take a look at me its surly obvious! So if I was to look at the lady I wouldn't notice that she was a journalist until she told me. I would see the color of her skin. I think that there is two differences in describing oneself. First you are what you are, things that you can't change. Male or Female. Yes, I know there are surgeries, but no matter what you look on the outside, Doctors can't change your DNA. Then there is ethnicity. You can't change that either. Also, there is what you choose to become, a journalist, a student, a doctor. But that is after the fact that you are a girl or boy, chinese or german.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smiles at the Funeral

A wonderful lady that my mom worked with passed away this weekend. We attended the memorial service today and it was a very nice one. It's only the second memorial service I have ever gone to. I expected to see people very sad and teary but that is not what I encounterd. After the service everyone was in the atrium of the church talking, socializing, some even laughing. It was strange to me most people in a such an upbeat mood. I'm thinking "Hello people! Mrs. Quisenberry just died and ya'll don't even look the slightest bit sad". After my mom and I left I just kept thinking back to my grandfathers funeral this past september. I remember thinking time doesn't stop for death no matter who you are. The world keeps revolving, people keep working, eating, sleeping. Babies are born every minute and death arrives too. I'm sad Mrs. Quisenberry passed away but I actually feel like I can smile too. I believe she went to heaven, tonight she's dining with the King.

When I must leave you
for a little while,
Please go on bravely
with a gallant smile
And for my sake and in my name,
Live on and do all things the same-
Spend not your life in empty days,
But fill each walking hour
in useful ways-
Reach out your hand
in comfort and in cheer,
And I in turn will comfort you
and hold you near. -Helen Steiner Rice

Monday, January 28, 2008

Clumsy, Get Life Insurance?

In my marketing class today my teacher was discussing the fact that she never thought she would see The Rolling Stones advertising life insurance or anything of that nature. One of the topics today was about different generations and their target segments. Its actually pretty funny to think that maybe one day in a far far away future we will see Rihana, Fergie, or Britney advertising something like that. The mere thought is just absurd, but perhaps thats what baby boomers and generation x would think if someone told them that The Rolling Stones would be elevator music one day. Can you imagine? Fergie talking about life insurance "Buy your life insurance now, because you never know how "clumsy" you can be and kill yourself!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

okay, testing testing, 1, 2, 3..hopefully this picture will show up. I did not take this picture but...just wanted to play around with this bloggy thingy and figure out all I could do...