Wednesday, April 30, 2008

summer plans

I can't wait till summer. I am going to catch up on my sleep, swim, read, watch movies, and relax, I've just been so deprived this semester of doing the things I like to do. For example sleeping. When I was younger I would dislike it so much when my dad would force me to go to bed. Back then I did not know that one day I would be countin down the days until I would be able to get a full night's rest. Anyways, back to summer plans. I hope I have an opportunity to go to Mexico. I really want to do some photography there. Mexico has so many beautiful places the scenery is great. I also really want to go to the beach. I want to get the perfect internship, but that doesn't look so hot right now. I haven't heard from Dieste Harmel & Partners. So pretty much my summer is floating up in the air. Planes could change at any given time. But I actually sort of like that. Maybe because I'm just so worn out.

everyone needs a best friend

I don't care if you're a girl or a guy, but I strongly believe everyone needs a best friend to confide in, ask for advice, or simply be able to talk about anything. My best friend is an awesome named Giovanni. He can make me smile any time I'm feeling down. Always there to talk to me and support me through anything. Right now, I think I really need to be there for him. His mom is going through chemo, and I think he is being so strong keeping his family together. His dad and sister work a lot and he also works full time. Its really admirable how he can do everything that he does. I thank God everday for giving me this best friend and letting me share my ups and downs with such an amazing person.

transferring to SMU

Transferring to SMU was definitely a lot harder than anyone could possibly imagine. Okay, yes there are advisers that try to help, and well, they do a good job. But its harder to get acclimated with the way the social aspect of SMU is like. I think freshment year all the organizations try to pull you in and recruit, but if you are a transfer student its like no one even cares about you. You go to Corral and its just a bunch of freshmen, I'm not bashing, I'm just trying to mention that students like to meet people their own age, or at least people that have decided their major. So anyways with Omega of Texas I hope to change some of that. O of TX is an alumni association of Phi Theta Kappa, a junior college honor society. O of TX is supposed to help students make the transitionan a little be easier and also help recruit more transfer students. Good plan I think.

lending a library card, the reprecussions

I got a letter from a collecting company that says I owe $43 of library fines. How pleasant don't ya think? Well it was all thanks to my lovely little brother who I happen to have taken to the library about 3 months ago because he was working on a project for school. I offered to help him find some books and then take him back home so he could finish. But how does he repay this lovely favor of mine? By not turning in the book when we returned all the other ones. So I was thinking what I could make him do for the money. Because of course he doesn't have any right now. Maybe I'll make him wash my car, or do my laundry, or do the dishes everytime I'm supposed to. I dunno. It should be interesting.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Divorce seems to be a trend that increases each and everyday. I have thought about why people take this route and I have a couple ideas that seem just obvious, but if people took them into consideration, they might avoid an unpleasant battle. For my age group, I think people should avoid marriage first of all. I'm not saying avoid commitment, I'm saying do not marry at this time. People under 21, well, it shouldn't even cross your mind! You can't even buy the champagne for your own wedding for goodness sake! As a college student your priorities should be to finish your education so that you can support yourself without depending on mommy and daddy. People should have a savings account and retirement fund, be able to manage their finances and hold themselves accountable for every economical decision they make. Also people should try to have the best communication, if there is a problem, people should talk it out. Its terrible when people bottle it up inside and them eventually destroys a family or couple. Also, if people have problems and they can not figure them out by themselves, the counseling should be take into consideration. They should seek someone that would be able to help them speak out, talk out their problems, and learn how to communicate efficiently.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the sound of rain

I really enjoy the sound of rain, even of the thunder and wind. Its relaxing in a strange way. Especially when I'm just at home and don't even have to go outdoors. I feel safe and relaxed. My boyfriend's dog starts to shake uncontrollably when its thundering. Its just so sad to see a poor little dog shake in a way that they look like they are about to fall apart at any moment. Anyways, back to why I love rain. I like it during the spring because everything turns an incredible shade of green. I think everyone should stop and enjoy the sound of rain and be thankful, because its not everywhere in the world that there is plenty of water resources available.


I had never heard of Blackle until I was at the library studying with a friend. She pulled up this weird website. The screen was all black and it was eye catching. The theory is that if everyone uses blackle as their search engine when they will be saving energy. Supposingly, the black screen will not use up as much energy as a bright white screen would. Blackle belongs to Google. I actually think its a pretty cool idea and the whole energy saving thing might be true. According to their site, the theory was proposed January of 2007, it's been well over a year and I would have thouught that more people would have heard about it. So it seems Google has started this new trend and I think it has great potential. It would be really interesting to see if other websites create their own energy saving homepages.
So if you have a chance check it out..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the world of retail

such a interesting topic, well it depends really. I've worked in retail for more than 3 years and its brought much distress and joy. Man, how people can be inconsiderate sometimes. They think you can pull a size out instantaneously, or should give them a discount because we may not have a certain item. I actually like working with the people I work with. And I like meeting people from all over the world. The shopping mall I work at gets a lot of tourists and famous people. I've learned so much over the years about interacting with people, customer service and other stuff. Its a great part time job and I love the discount. Of course I won't be there forever, but at least through college, so I can pay for some of my own things instead of asking mom and dad 24/7.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the unknown life cycle

My uncle was only 35, out of the 10 children my grandmother had he was 2ND to the youngest. I still can't believe just died a couple of days ago. He left behind 2 young kids, a boy of 13, a girl of 14, who was going to celebrate her quinceanera (fifteenth birthday) in August. The family was looking forward to a great big party. Unfortunately her dad, didn't make it. I not really sure how meningitis kills someone. Basically, I understand only that it attacks the brain, and begins to shut everything down. My grandmother fell into a depression almost instantanously after finding out, my grandfather too, showed lots of pain. My uncle use to live in Dallas. He actually lived here for about 2 years and was very close to our family. I'm sad that my dad wasn't able to travel to Mexico to be with his family during this terrible time. For some reason her couldn't find his passport, and without that he would not be allowed to board the plane and return home to Dallas.

I just think it doesn't matter how old someone is, everyone should appreciate life everyday. Each and everyda that goes by, because you never know when it will be your last time to be thankful for your blessings, and let those around you, know that you love them.