Friday, May 2, 2008

Nancy Hamon

I knew that we had a library at SMU named after her, I just pretty much thought she was a lady that donted tons and tons of money to our school. This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of find out who Mrs. Hamon is and all the great things shes done in our city. I volunteered for Meadows at the Meyerson, I got to listen to the SMU orchestra, the are absolutely amazing. Everything preformed that night was in her honor. Meadows raised over $600,000. I would say that is a pretty hefty amount to money. In the program is said that Mrs. Hamon has been a donor for numerous arts related facilities and events. She is one of the people in Dallas that has done many things to honor the arts. Supposingly her husband was a big oil guy back in the day. So pretty much she has distributed her fortune all over Dallas to help keep running art places and facilties. I think its really cool all that she has done. She could have kept all her millions and millions to herself but she decided to spend it here in Dallas to devolop new entities for the performing arts. I'm glad that the city of Dallas and SMU have benefitted from her generousity.

axe has got him

He is only 14 but I'm sure he is loyal customer for life. I'm talking about my brother who buys axe and wears it everyday. He likes the commercials and will buy the new products when they come out. It's pretty interesting to talk to him about commericals and whether they make him want to buy certain things. Sometimes he says although the commerical was funny it really didn't make him want to buy the product. I asked him why he buys and axe and his reply was simple. because its cool. So apparently that the most important point the product that has given him is that axe is cool. One of the things I noticed is that he likes the packaging. I think thats a really big factor as well. Its interesting also how the commercials have young adults around 18 and maybe to 22, and my brother who is 14, is a segment in their target market. I'm postitive he will buy axe for years to come.

children believe

I babysit for a 5 year old little boy. By far is the smartest kid I know. One night I was giving him and his sister dinner and I we were talking about school. I told him that he was really smart after he gave me some random facts about something. He then replied that he was the smartest student in his class. I asked him how did he know that. He said that his mom told him. I just think that its really amazing how a young child will really believe what his parents tell him. I think during this age its really important to build confidence in a child, although really young he understands everthing you tell him and he believes you. He believes he is the smartest kid in his class because his mom told him, and I actually don't doubt that he is. Children need to be encouraged, loved, protected and nurtured to be able to grow into a normal human being.

the next computer I'm getting...

I see everyone at school with their cool apple computers and I wonder what the heck was I thinking when I bought an HP for the second time. This laptop ways what newborn twins weigh together. Apples are so slick, and I just love the software. Especially now that I've learned how to use it. Its also so much more appealing, it just looks prettier. I might pass the laptop on to my little brother after I save up for an Apple. I'll have the check the piggy bank to see when I can get a new laptop, and maybe I'll just have to wait for next semester for my cool new computer.

terrible brainwash

Those are pretty much the only words that I can use to describe the people and children that have gone through polygamous families and livestyles. There is no one in the world that deserves that awful seclusion from the world into a life of multiple mothers/wifes or whatever those ladies are to be. The children are probably going to be the ones traumatized from the horrible situtation their parents have created for them. I just don't understand in what righteous mind would it be okay to have multiple wifes and children from a variety of women. Its absolutely inhuman that girls fourteent to seventeen are already having children. I don't even think their body have finished developing when theses horrible men take them as their wifes. I see how those men think its okay. I see how those women thinks its okay, and that because they grew up like that. The know no other way to be and that is how their closed society forces them to . Its just terrible and I hope they bust every community that condones that lifestyle.

saying I'm sorry

Some really don't know how to say I'm sorry. It seems to some that its the most diffcult phrase anyone could ever pronounce. But in all reality its something everyone should know how to do. When someone makes a mistake and they know it and avoid apologizing and instead go about their way without making a sincere sorry it causes a lot more problems. There are times when I have had problems with people and the simple fact that they made the effort to apologize, it all worked out in the end. I'm not saying an I'm sorry fixes everything or that it could just save someone all the time from their mistakes, its just that a sincere attempt to amend a mistake is taken more seriously when those simple words are said. Pride, I believe stands in the way of people being able to say I'm sorry. Some think its really unecessary, and just wouldn't do much of anything. But, I'm words of advice, say I'm sorry and mean it.

j'aime le francais

French is such a cool language. I took it for 4 years, and I wish I would have stuck with it. I'm already bilingual and French is just a mixture of both. I want to take French at a community college so that I can just enjoy it, without it affecting my GPA. Its not that I'm doubting my ability to learn and get good grades, but now that I think about it maybe I'll do that for the summer. I think these plans have potential to develop and actually happen. After I learn perfect French I am going to learn Italian. I know it will come handy when I'm able to travel to Europe. I can read French and understand a lot. My comprehension is good, my pronounciation is good, at least thats what my teacher said, and other people that speak French who have heard me speak. Anyway, I'm definitely going to look into taking French again, during this summer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Flossing is so important! There have been studies that link the lack of flossing with heart disease. Everyday when you eat, bacteria slowly accumulates between then gums. It causes bad breath, gum disease, and apparently heart disease as well. Flossing pushes out the bacteria so that it doesn't just stay there and build up. The bacteria between your gums begins to eat away at the bone, and deteriorates the gum line, receding of the gum then begins to show. What is the remedy to gum disease? A deep clean like vacuuming under the couch. First a periodonist will have to give you shots to numb your face, well not entirely, just the area he or she would be working in, them uses a vibrating needle to clean clean away. Gum disease is not pleasant because if your gums really recede then, when you get older, your teeth fall out. So the simple thing is to floss everyday, preferable at night. Personally, I think its disgusting to not floss everyday. All that bacteria making a nice little home in your mouth, eww! So remember to floss everday! It could save your teeth, and lots of money in the long run.


Immigration a hot topic that many people disagree about. I think that many people who do not have anyone close to them that has come into the United States from another country would not have the same position on the issue to that of a person who does. Some may agree with my opinion while others may think I'm just completely wrong. First I want to mention that I believe it is wrong to come into this country without legalization. I think people should do things lawfully. Second, I want to note that I understand those people who enter this country in an illegatl way. I would stand by the fact that most people want to come to this country to work and make a decent living, either to support their family here or back in their home country. The opportunities that are offered in America are far better than those offered in other countries. To go back to the issue of entering the country, legalization takes about 7 years, most people don't know that. Its easy to say, well why don't they just wait until they get their green card to come into this country, but some people, are in extreme poverty they rather risk their lifes crossing the border illegally. Also, I strongly disagree with the fact that immigrants take jobs away from Americans. Personally I think that is just a bunch of crap. If you look to see who is doing yard work, housekeeping, and other low wage jobs, its mostly Hispanic, and if you don't see that, then I don't know what country you live in. If an American want to go do yard work, or get paid minimum wage, trust me, there is no one stopping them. Immigrants help this country by taking the jobs that Americans don't want. And I believe their are vital to our economy. If only it was easier for them to get a work permit, them we wouldn't have so many illegals.