Monday, May 11, 2009

Sony Bravia

Client: Sony Bravia
Agency: Y&R Asia, Singapore

This as has the same feel as the colorful ads that have bunnies running around and paint splashing everywhere. The only reason they remind me is because SONY is using color to differentiate its product from every other TV on the plant. They only show the TV at the very end and it looks ordinary. I like this ad. I'm going to try and find the making of this ad on youtube...

A world made of money.

Agency: Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur
Client Bontrust Financial

Maybe this is totally inappropriate but we are all adults here. Definitely this ad would NOT show be shown on any American channel. But lets critic its content..(meaning the message) and the visuals (the world of money, not the sexual aspect of the ad). The animation is crisp. I have never seen money be used in that way. Music goes with the time period that the ad portrays and the tag line hits it right on.."make your money grow with us." This ad is quite a memorable one so I'm sure Bontrust is really getting through the "clutter" in Denmark.

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Zealand Radio

Agency:Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Client: New Zealand Radio

Basically they want to tell the audience that the radio sounds like the taste of fruit cake. At least, that's what I understand. The visual is appealing, mouthwatering, I wonder if it makes the people that look at this actually listen to the radio, I don't think so, but maybe it just serves as a way to give the viewer a visual to remember the radio next time the hop into their car. This is what they said:

"Radio New Zealand is completely independent, so it’s free to speak with the same voice as its listeners. Clemenger BBDO New Zealand brought this voice to life by creating ten model radios, each using unique elements of New Zealand culture. Meticulously crafted by Weta workshop, the radios feature in print and TV. A travelling exhibition of these incredible models is planned, along with digital applications to take Radio New Zealand to more listeners across New Zealand and the world."

Smirnoff Tea Party

Agency:BBH New York
Client: Smirnoff

This ad is hilarious. I think it would totally hit the target market at joke..The ad actually tells you the flavors they make. I love the way they make fun of themselves. This ad is screaming stereotypes, and although sometimes they can go overboard, I think this particular ad used just the right formula. I wonder why SMU students would think of this ad...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Agency: BBH New York
Client: Vaseline

This ad is cool...creepy...a little bit of both. So what they say about skin is true. It protects, regenerates, heal, and all that good stuff. I think it's a cool visual because they actually use humans to show you and tell you about your skin. There isn't really any close ups with I thought was strange. This ad is creepy because if you don't listen to the audio, it's just a bunch of naked people, making figures, doing strange things. I like it, but I still think its creepy. Pretty risky for airing at anytime of the day.

National Geographic

Client: National Geographic

I like the approach that TBWA took on this ad for National Geographic. It's interesting to see that they didn't just select a scenery that would look like photography out of the magazine. This is a 45 sec spot, I wonder if in New Delhi that is more common. This ad has a message, it's more about the animals in this ad, instead of the places that National Geographic would visit. I like the explosion of the visuals.


Agency: Deutsch NY
Client: IKEA

This guerilla campaign extended al over Brooklyn to announce the grand opening of IKEA in the area. I think this is a really good campaign because IKEA highlight the way they deliver their products in a huge visual way. People were able to walk inside the big box which was set up as a room inside. It was open to the public when IKEA opened as well. Before then, it was a big brown box. Clever idea.