Thursday, March 19, 2009


Client: Tyson
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

The print is very simple, you get the point looking at the ad and seeing the brand. Any rational mother would understand that this literally would not happen by feeding their family Tyson. I like this ad because it's simple, besides the obvious exaggeration I think it does a clear job of delivering the message.


Client: Chivas
Agency: Euro RSCG

I think this is an inspirational beer commercial. Most beer commercials show the an icy cold bottle with droplets of water running down, but this one is different. I like that they really aimed at their target market in a good way. It's got action but the kinds that gets your attention. It is inspiring, I like this one because it gives the brand a personality.

Client: Coldwell Banker
Agency: Mckinney Durham USA

Connection! This ad links the message to the viewers. "More than the house, its the home inside" What a message that any family can associate with. It's a simple visual, just front views of so many different types of houses. So they want to let you know that Coldwell can help you make any house your home by using their services. I really like their tag line at the end. It's a commercial about branding Coldwell and connecting with the audience.

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