Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I had never heard of Blackle until I was at the library studying with a friend. She pulled up this weird website. The screen was all black and it was eye catching. The theory is that if everyone uses blackle as their search engine when they will be saving energy. Supposingly, the black screen will not use up as much energy as a bright white screen would. Blackle belongs to Google. I actually think its a pretty cool idea and the whole energy saving thing might be true. According to their site, the theory was proposed January of 2007, it's been well over a year and I would have thouught that more people would have heard about it. So it seems Google has started this new trend and I think it has great potential. It would be really interesting to see if other websites create their own energy saving homepages.
So if you have a chance check it out..

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