Wednesday, April 30, 2008

transferring to SMU

Transferring to SMU was definitely a lot harder than anyone could possibly imagine. Okay, yes there are advisers that try to help, and well, they do a good job. But its harder to get acclimated with the way the social aspect of SMU is like. I think freshment year all the organizations try to pull you in and recruit, but if you are a transfer student its like no one even cares about you. You go to Corral and its just a bunch of freshmen, I'm not bashing, I'm just trying to mention that students like to meet people their own age, or at least people that have decided their major. So anyways with Omega of Texas I hope to change some of that. O of TX is an alumni association of Phi Theta Kappa, a junior college honor society. O of TX is supposed to help students make the transitionan a little be easier and also help recruit more transfer students. Good plan I think.

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