Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Divorce seems to be a trend that increases each and everyday. I have thought about why people take this route and I have a couple ideas that seem just obvious, but if people took them into consideration, they might avoid an unpleasant battle. For my age group, I think people should avoid marriage first of all. I'm not saying avoid commitment, I'm saying do not marry at this time. People under 21, well, it shouldn't even cross your mind! You can't even buy the champagne for your own wedding for goodness sake! As a college student your priorities should be to finish your education so that you can support yourself without depending on mommy and daddy. People should have a savings account and retirement fund, be able to manage their finances and hold themselves accountable for every economical decision they make. Also people should try to have the best communication, if there is a problem, people should talk it out. Its terrible when people bottle it up inside and them eventually destroys a family or couple. Also, if people have problems and they can not figure them out by themselves, the counseling should be take into consideration. They should seek someone that would be able to help them speak out, talk out their problems, and learn how to communicate efficiently.

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