Thursday, May 1, 2008


Flossing is so important! There have been studies that link the lack of flossing with heart disease. Everyday when you eat, bacteria slowly accumulates between then gums. It causes bad breath, gum disease, and apparently heart disease as well. Flossing pushes out the bacteria so that it doesn't just stay there and build up. The bacteria between your gums begins to eat away at the bone, and deteriorates the gum line, receding of the gum then begins to show. What is the remedy to gum disease? A deep clean like vacuuming under the couch. First a periodonist will have to give you shots to numb your face, well not entirely, just the area he or she would be working in, them uses a vibrating needle to clean clean away. Gum disease is not pleasant because if your gums really recede then, when you get older, your teeth fall out. So the simple thing is to floss everyday, preferable at night. Personally, I think its disgusting to not floss everyday. All that bacteria making a nice little home in your mouth, eww! So remember to floss everday! It could save your teeth, and lots of money in the long run.

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