Friday, May 2, 2008

children believe

I babysit for a 5 year old little boy. By far is the smartest kid I know. One night I was giving him and his sister dinner and I we were talking about school. I told him that he was really smart after he gave me some random facts about something. He then replied that he was the smartest student in his class. I asked him how did he know that. He said that his mom told him. I just think that its really amazing how a young child will really believe what his parents tell him. I think during this age its really important to build confidence in a child, although really young he understands everthing you tell him and he believes you. He believes he is the smartest kid in his class because his mom told him, and I actually don't doubt that he is. Children need to be encouraged, loved, protected and nurtured to be able to grow into a normal human being.

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