Friday, May 2, 2008

terrible brainwash

Those are pretty much the only words that I can use to describe the people and children that have gone through polygamous families and livestyles. There is no one in the world that deserves that awful seclusion from the world into a life of multiple mothers/wifes or whatever those ladies are to be. The children are probably going to be the ones traumatized from the horrible situtation their parents have created for them. I just don't understand in what righteous mind would it be okay to have multiple wifes and children from a variety of women. Its absolutely inhuman that girls fourteent to seventeen are already having children. I don't even think their body have finished developing when theses horrible men take them as their wifes. I see how those men think its okay. I see how those women thinks its okay, and that because they grew up like that. The know no other way to be and that is how their closed society forces them to . Its just terrible and I hope they bust every community that condones that lifestyle.

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