Friday, May 2, 2008

Nancy Hamon

I knew that we had a library at SMU named after her, I just pretty much thought she was a lady that donted tons and tons of money to our school. This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of find out who Mrs. Hamon is and all the great things shes done in our city. I volunteered for Meadows at the Meyerson, I got to listen to the SMU orchestra, the are absolutely amazing. Everything preformed that night was in her honor. Meadows raised over $600,000. I would say that is a pretty hefty amount to money. In the program is said that Mrs. Hamon has been a donor for numerous arts related facilities and events. She is one of the people in Dallas that has done many things to honor the arts. Supposingly her husband was a big oil guy back in the day. So pretty much she has distributed her fortune all over Dallas to help keep running art places and facilties. I think its really cool all that she has done. She could have kept all her millions and millions to herself but she decided to spend it here in Dallas to devolop new entities for the performing arts. I'm glad that the city of Dallas and SMU have benefitted from her generousity.

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