Friday, May 2, 2008

axe has got him

He is only 14 but I'm sure he is loyal customer for life. I'm talking about my brother who buys axe and wears it everyday. He likes the commercials and will buy the new products when they come out. It's pretty interesting to talk to him about commericals and whether they make him want to buy certain things. Sometimes he says although the commerical was funny it really didn't make him want to buy the product. I asked him why he buys and axe and his reply was simple. because its cool. So apparently that the most important point the product that has given him is that axe is cool. One of the things I noticed is that he likes the packaging. I think thats a really big factor as well. Its interesting also how the commercials have young adults around 18 and maybe to 22, and my brother who is 14, is a segment in their target market. I'm postitive he will buy axe for years to come.

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