Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AT & T & everything else

To my knowledge At & T was first a telephone company. Then made its directory book. Then internet. Then was cable. Then was cell-phone. Okay, well I don't know exactly what order these things were developed or implemented as a service at AT & T. What I think will happen is that since they already have so much power over communication and media that perhaps they will create their own magazine or newspaper to continue to take over as much as they can. I just think its annoying to see so many companies merging and becoming one, buying out, or selling to a bigger company. I know its a good thing that companies get bigger and make more money because that is good for the economy, but it just looks like they become too powerful. AT & T has so much control, they are huge! If AT & T was shut down for a day that would cause economic catastrophe. Millions of people wouldn't be able to communicate. Already with that blackberry disruption of service a couple weeks ago, really angered thousands of people. Basically, I just think that companies should try to take over everything that they possibly can, but that's probably only going to happen in a perfect world...oh it doesn't exsist.

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