Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Everyone should wash their hands as often as possible, before eating, touching a baby, taking your contacts off, etcs. Okay, I'm not a germaphobic, I just like to feel that my hands are clean so I carry with me hand sanitizer in my bag and in my car. I think that because its alcohol base, somehow it kills germs. Of course I don't think that hand sanitizer replaces a good old scrub of soap and water, but sometimes it will do just fine. But how effective is hand sanitizer really? I looked on the governments web page Center for Disease Control and Prevention and this is what I found some interesting things. According to many studies done across the country, hand sanitizer has proven to kill bacteria. Although it may not be 99.9%, it is still very safe to substitute sanitizing gel for soap and water when needed. They also recommended using sanitizers with 60% or more alcohol base because they are more effective. I think that it is great that there is hand sanitizer all over campus and I think that there should be hand sanitizer in even more places other than schools. I think the Dart Train should install some pumps inside and grocery stores should have hand sanitizer close to the fruits and vegetables isles. I think it was a great invention who ever invented hand sanitizer, I am a fan, of course there is nothing like soap and water and a good clean scrub.

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