Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yesterday I went to the O'Neil lecture. The guest speaker was Allan Sloan who is a business journalist. The topic was whether journalism was dying. I agreed with a lot of the things he said, and it was actually interesting to hear someone talk about their career of 40 years. One thing he mentioned was that perhaps newspaper subscriptions would keep declining and maybe in the future it would be mostly online format. I agree with that because the internet is part of a lot of people's lives. Especially recent generations. Its so convienient to just look things up online. I usually read what Yahoo's top news are and just because they are top news there doesn't really mean they have the most news value to me, I just read them because they are on the cover. Mr. Sloan also mentioned that recently The New York Times stopped charging for the online edition and that now everyone can access it. I think that in the future online news will have subscriptions. Perhaps in the future your computer will turn on automatically and be programmed for ones interest that it will display news that matter to that individual. Basically I think that news will continue to evolve in the way that they are delivered to us and be customized to what interests we have. I think this will also affect advertising because now it will be more specific target segments of the market.

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