Monday, February 25, 2008

Doomsday Artic Seed Vault

Never have I heard about any vault containing seeds in case of emergency. I thought that was just in movies, I remember one about a spaceship that carried DNA of all animals that had ever exsisted on Earth. This spaceship then got to a different planet where life would begin again. In an ABC video they showed such seed vault that contains millions of seeds from around the world. They explain that in case of a catastrophe, nulcear destruction, or extinction, this vault will safeguard these seeds. Norway was chosen because of the constant cold temperature and the distance that it is based on previous wars. I searched online about this vault and many results came up, even articles written over two years ago. I think its actually pretty scary to think that our Earth has power to destroy itself 10 times. I agree its a good idea to store seeds, even DNA like in that spaceship movie. However, if the Earth ever needed these seeds to reproduce plants again, humans are assuming that humanity still would exist even after mass destruction of vegetation. There is also another vault in Sussex England, and I know there is more around the world. I think it will be interesting to see these vaults pop up all over the world in the next decade.

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