Sunday, February 17, 2008

simply water

A shower makes me feel fresh! I mean who doesn't? Even after a long day a hot shower before going to bed takes away my tiredness. I'm not really sure what other people's showering patterns are. Some in the morning, some at night, some not daily (ew).
If I take a shower in the morning, it wakes me up. And at night, I sleep like a baby. Sometimes on Sunday morning I'm not considerate and take too long in the shower and leave hardly any hot water for my family (we only have one hot water heater in my house). Then, sometimes, I'm the last one shower and after a few minutes under the hot water, a burst of icy water pours over me. I know that I have taken things in life for granted, water is one of them. I don't ever think "hey this bottled water is actually a luxury, people in other places of the world don't even have tap." In some countries there is a scarcity of potable water, yet here in America we have plenty to water grass between the roads. Clean clear water at the turn of a knob, seems like such a simple thing. But in reality, we are so lucky.

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