Wednesday, February 27, 2008

West Side Story & The GAP

The Gap did a commercial some years ago advertising colorful cropped denim. The did a dance number where they acted out a song from West Side Story. This was one of the commericals that came to my mind when we were asked to blog about intertextuality and identify either a horizontal or vertical characteristic. This one I think, is pretty simple to understand. West Side Story has been around since the late 1950's. It was a hit movie and its been popular ever since. If you are American you've probably heard of this musical. I think the Gap did a really good job linking everything. The scenery was the same, the clothes very similar. Fashions alway returns and by what better way to show than to show a blast from the past. The ad used a movie to connect a new trend The Gap was launching to the market. For this commerical the genre the connected was a movie and really nothing else. I think it was pretty cool to see a new version. The video I found on youtube is a little blurry and not so good quality as when it first aired.

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