Monday, February 25, 2008

Pennies = 80 Million Dollars

I've always heard that it cost about 2 cents to make 1 cent. I was watching a news video online that was titled 'Making Cents'. They said that the government spends about 135 million dollars to make 80 million dollars. I know the math doesn't add up assuming that 2 cents=1 cent, but anyway, I just want to say that Abe should retire and pennies should be taken out of circulation. I actually keep all my change in a jar and then go to the bank and get bills. Some people don't care about their change, this is money falling between the cracks of your couch, getting stuck under your car seat, or just getting lost. If we stop using pennies then the government could save about 60 million dollars and use it for something more productive. Now, doesn't that make more sense? I've even seen people throw away their pennies, to some people they are worthless. I just think its silly that it cost more money to make than what the face value is. Congress should stop circulating pennies, let every American in the world go to the bank and exchange them for bills, then proceed to rounding every price tag in the country to the nearest five cents. I know it would be a very complicated process.

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