Wednesday, February 27, 2008


....we live we love we forgive and never give up cause today we are given a gift from above and today we remember to live and to love....

One of my favorite songs titled We Live We Love by Superchick. In the song the talk about a man who waits for his medical test to see if the cancer has spread yet. Then he asks himself why did he wait to live till it was time to die. I think that some people when they approach death wish they would have done things differently in life. I think that some people don't value life like they should. We have one life on this earth, only one, and there is so many careless, reckless and hurtful people in the world. I believe that there is a heaven and there is hell, the way that our world is I have to believe there is something better. I don't want to let the years go by without doing things that I want to do. One of my biggest dreams was to come to SMU and I'm living it now. I value my education. I value my family and friends, what could be more important on this earth than them? I also think that there is a lot of people that live mediocre lives. If everyone did their best at the things they were best at our society and world as a whole would be so much different. There are people or all ages and all cultures that press forward with the best that they have, that; is a waste of life.

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