Friday, February 1, 2008


I was reading an assignment for my ethics of convergent media class when I came across an interesting statement in a case study. The topic was being a minortiy in journalism and either being chosen to do or not do the a certain reporting job. One journalist said that first she was a journalist. Second latina. Well okay, she might see that as her priority, being an ethical journalist. But when she was born, she wasn't born being a journalist. She was born latina. So, I guess I'm just thinking about what I consider myself first. I am Diana, a Mexican American girl. I am latina first. If you take a look at me its surly obvious! So if I was to look at the lady I wouldn't notice that she was a journalist until she told me. I would see the color of her skin. I think that there is two differences in describing oneself. First you are what you are, things that you can't change. Male or Female. Yes, I know there are surgeries, but no matter what you look on the outside, Doctors can't change your DNA. Then there is ethnicity. You can't change that either. Also, there is what you choose to become, a journalist, a student, a doctor. But that is after the fact that you are a girl or boy, chinese or german.

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