Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Lofts at SMU opening in 2010

If you take a look around Dallas you will surely see new high-rise apartments, lofts, and luxury townhomes being built. I think that SMU should follow in the those steps and tear down all the old apartments and just build some cool new lofts. If I was in charge of the development plans this what I would do. First I would tear down all the old apartments like I mentioned before. I would construct a new building 20 stories tall. I would have 12 lofts on each floor. I wouldn't add a fitness center or pool since we already have those amenities on campus. Pets would be allowed but smoking would only be permitted outside. Although technically lofts should be one room,I would make most lofts two bedroom and two baths. I would have a lot of stainless steel in the kitchens and install energy saving refrigerators. I love big windows that let light in. That would be a main feature at The Lofts at SMU. I think it would be a great idea to try to keep students as close to campus as possible. Anyway, there really aren't any plans to build lofts at SMU as far as I know.

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